There are numerous companies in the Tampa Bay area that may require security clearance such as Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing. Making the decision to retain a lawyer to get security clearance can be the difference of start your dream job sooner rather than later, or possibly losing out on that position all together. Your free consultation with a security clearance lawyer at Perry Draper Law, PLLC can help put your mind at ease during the process.

The application process for national security clearance is by no means an easy process. For good reason. The process requires a great deal of time and information to protect our nation’s information and infrastructure. Unfortunately, that means that great candidates can lose out on great positions because of mis-steps during the application process. Is that new job worth not being familiar with the process? Retain an experienced security clearance lawyer at Perry Draper Law, PLLC to make sure your application is in the best possible condition before submitting to the process. This can make sure you don’t lose valuable time in going through the process.

When only 32% of applicants who apply pro se (without a lawyer) are granted clearance and 51% of those who were professionally represented are granted clearance…the numbers begin to speak for themselves. When you consider the long-term effects of a security clearance decision, the choice to retain an experienced security clearance attorney is an investment into your future employment potentials.

Attorney Jason Perry worked for several years as an attorney with the Department of Defense. That experience gives Attorney Perry unique insight and experience into the process of dealing with the national security clearance process. He has helped many clients as a security clearance lawyer in the State of Florida. Let him put that experience to work for you. Contact us today for your free consultation.