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Perry Draper Law Firm is a strong devoted law firm with offices with offices along Tampa Bay, Florida, Toledo, Ohio and  Los Angeles, California. If you are currently under the stress of overwhelming debt, we can help. We concentrate in: removing medical debt, negotiating down debt, repairing credit, and restoring credit scores.

We offer the expertise of big law firms: the clout, power, negotiation skills, and expertise that you deserve. However, at Perry Draper, we pride ourselves on our small-town ‘people-first’ approach. We’re top-notch in our results and our relationships, giving you the communication updates and personal attention you deserve. With offices in Tampa Bay, Toledo, and Los Angeles, our team is always on!

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We’re experts at negotiating down medical debt for you. With no upfront costs to you, you’ve got nothing to lose except debt. Request a call back now!

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Our Law Team

We know if you are thinking about consulting an attorney with your personal, business, or financial concerns, it can be an intimidating and difficult time in your life. We are here, devoted to making it as painless as possible, explaining your options, and most of all to empowering you with the legal rights and knowledge, the acumen necessary to help.

Arthur Draper

Credit is a right. It helps us to grow, build our families, and invest back into our communities.

Jason Perry

Helping hard working men and women to restore their credit, keep their house, or manage a bankruptcy as stress-free as possible fuels me.

Jonathan Mitchell

Jonathan Mitchell

When it comes to protecting others and helping them to regain a strong footing, I’m fearless and relentless.


Here’s what our clients had to say about our services:

Hands-on the best talented individual I have ever had the pleasure to work with. It’s not only the final result which was removing late payment on my credit report, the whole process was so professional and I’m so deeply impressed with how smooth everything went through.I will definitely recommend to anyone looking for any kind of credit service to contact Arthur, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Arthur.

Sophia Jones

Jason was able to remove the collection item on my credit report within 45 days! My credit score is now back to 750 from 660. He was very patient and thoughtful during the process, and I am impressed how honest he is because he said it was not much effort so he didn’t charge me! I would recommend him to anyone who have credit issues.

Harold Green

Where can I start? Jason and Arthur have been the most helpful individuals ever.
I called in January with a request to clean inquiries; a collection account that I had paid off and A late payment (also paid off)
My credit was At 590; fast forward 3 months later I am At 703.

Grant Harvey

I actually didn’t know this kind of business existed until Patrick spoke to me about it. I’m amazed at the results and how much my credit went up. I can now apply anywhere without doubt that I will be approved and for that Thank You Patrick, Jason and the Crew! You are truly amazing at what you do. I genuinely recommend this business to anyone looking into improving their credit. Thank you again!

Kate Lewis

I highly recommend working with Perry Draper Law to fix your credit.  The team at PDL was extremely responsive, well informed and helped me through my situation.  They were able to increase my fico score by 100 points and remove all my negative credit items on my credit report.   I believe if you give PDL a chance to help you, they will go above and beyond my expectations.  I wouldn’t have been able to reach my financials goals if it wasn’t for this great organization.  I think picking to work with PDL was one of the best things I have done and I thank them for it.  I’ll be referring all my friends and family.

Kelly Johnson

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