What’s Debt Settlement?

Debt Settlement as an Alternative to Bankruptcy
Filing for bankruptcy is not always the best option for people with credit card debt. Seeking a resolution with creditors and negotiating a debt settlement plan can help by:

  • Lowering or eliminating interest payments
  • Reorganizing your credit card debt
  • Eliminating late fees
  • Stopping creditor harassment

It is important to understand that setting up a credit card debt settlement plan is not without risks. For example, if an account has already been turned over to an independent collections agency, creditors may still contact you about your debt and your payments may not be reduced. This is why it is critical to talk to an experienced credit card relief lawyer to obtain assistance.

Our team of attorneys will discuss a debt settlement strategy with you so that you may choose the most favorable course of action. We work to shift bargaining power away from creditors to you and negotiate to reduce your debt. Give our office a call today for a free consultation: 833-827-3285