Attorney For Security Clearance In Florida

Security clearances are required by many jobs around Florida and especially in the Tampa Bay area. There are currently nearly a dozen active military installations in the area and the Tampa bay area is host to some of the biggest companies who regularly contract with the government, including Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Both the public and private sectors offer excellent job opportunities, yet many jobs require the employer to obtain and maintain a security clearance in order to work. Perry Draper Law, PLLC has the legal background and experience to help you through the process and obtain or maintain the necessary security clearance for employment or service.

Security Clearance Process for Florida Government and Military Workers

An applicant for even the lowest level security clearance will be subjected to scrutiny by DSS or OPM regarding the applicant’s marriage, immediate family, personal relationships, and foreign employment and travel. As higher security clearances are requested, the investigation process becomes more extensive, and the time frame for reinvestigations becomes more frequent. Unfortunately, initial applications are often denied, and even once granted, clearances may be revoked at any time. Perry Draper Law, PLLC can help you prepare for this process and through sound advice and representation, help you to achieve success and get or keep your job.

We will work with you throughout the entire security clearance process in Florida, including:

  • Complete the SF-86 application and fulfill other pre-clearance requirements
  • Prepare for in-person interviews and interrogatories
  • Respond to the Statement of Reasons
  • Request and prepare for a hearing
  • Appeal an adverse decision to DOHA, DOD or other agencies, and the Federal courts

If your application is denied, you have a very short time frame within which to request a hearing, including providing a detailed brief emphasizing the mitigating factors in your favor. We understand the adjudicative guidelines that go into the decision to grant or deny a security clearance and offer effective advocacy on your behalf before the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals or other agency. Our experience with the military security clearance process in Florida makes us eminently qualified to help you with your clearance matter.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Security Clearance Lawyer

If you are denied a clearance or may be facing revocation of your clearance – whether confidential, secret, top secret, or other classified clearances – your job and your future are on the line. Don’t take chances with such an important step in your career. Attorney Jason Perry of Perry Draper Law, PLLC worked for several years as an attorney with the Department of Defense, where he represented the federal government in several hundred administrative hearings. Mr. Perry knows what it takes for an application to be approved or a clearance retained. For effective advice and representation in the Florida contractor security clearance process, contact Perry Draper Law, PLLC.