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After an exhausting and relentless search for an attorney, I came across Perry Draper Law, PLLC practice and submitted an inquiry on a Friday 9 Sept 2016. To my surprise, I received a call back a few hours later. After discussing my case, I was prepared to get a lengthy list of costs and action steps as the other law firms had provided. I was wrong. Jason Perry used no scare tactics to try to convince me I was doomed like the other firms. He was realistic and didn’t make empty promises.

Jason Perry was extremely helpful in writing my SOR response. He was professional and efficient as well as personable. The process went quickly and smoothly even though there was a time crunch to send in my response. He is very responsive and make’s sure to follow up on your progress.

I worked closely with Jason Perry, and it was Jason Perry who handled my case, not an assistant or a paralegal. If I had a question at 10 pm he answered. Jason Perry TRULY cares and brings humanity into law. He is passionate about what he does and it is evident through his dedication. I am still waiting for my decision but i can honestly say, regardless of which way it goes, although I feel very confident, I would choose Jason Perry again in a heartbeat!

Jason Perry was a godsend! He built my confidence, helped me understand the process, and guided me all the way. Jason Perry is extremely familiar with security clearance cases and his knowledge and expertise was apparent in my preparation(s). Jason Perry spoke eloquently and represented me very well.

I was very impressed with the content he gathered in my support. I am so glad I found Jason Perry and have already started to recommend him to my friends and co-workers, in the event that they may require assistance.  Jason, thank you so much for being my attorney and helping me through my case.

Thank you Jason Perry for your commitment, time, professionalism and excellence!

Jorge S.BBB - October 21, 2016

Perry Draper Law firm provided outstanding legal representation. Mr. Perry and his staff performed in an excellent and professional manner in administrating my case from beginning to end. Mr. Perry contacted me within 24 hours of my initial contact with his firm. Within a matter of weeks Perry Draper law was able to consolidate my case for a time critical submission to a Federal Government Agency. Mr. Perry was very disciplined and focused on my case. I Highly Recommend Perry Draper Law.

ConsumerLawyers.com - June 14, 2016

Perry Draper and Susan Williams helped my small business with a BP oil Claim. BP more then once wanted me to throw in the towel but Mr Draper and Susan would not let me, they talked me off the ledge more then once and helped get me thru all the paper work and question BP kept sending. They never gave up on us and I am very appreciative of them and their team. Thank you

Small BusinessLawyers.com - June 7, 2016

Mr. Perry was extremely helpful in answering my SF-86/e-Qip questions. His consultation includes an assessment of the case and any questions regarding the security clearance process. Mr. Perry also gives recommendations on certain issues. Without a doubt, Mr. Perry is the most knowledgeable security clearance lawyer in the Tampa Bay area.

Anonymous Client - April 15, 2016

The Perry Draper Law Firm from the start was very diligent in their pursuit of my particular specialized settlement case. They spent numerous hours of their own time, carefully explaining the case and the required documentation and I did not at any given time, feel misinformed about the potential outcomes of this situation.

I would strongly recommend this law firm based on their clarity, consideration and organized methods of processing this legal matter.

Private IndividualMartindale - March 23, 2016

Mr Perry was a pleasure to work with. Easy to contact and prompt in responding. Also extremely prompt and professional with the work they did. I would highly recommend them. Working with them I was able to achieve the best outcome and avoid a going to court.

Shannon M.BBB - December 27, 2015

My phone calls were always returned. They were supportive in making clear what information to provide and the format to use. They informed me of timelines and deadlines so each was met. They were Professional and our Company was very satisfied!

Small Business Client Lawyers.com - July 22, 2015

Even though my case was not a “high profile” issue the attorneys at Perry Draper made me feel like it was. It was nice to work with genuine people who took great care of me. I hope I never need another attorney, but if I do I know where I’ll go. Thank you!

Anonymous ClientLawyers.com - June 9, 2015

Mr Draper is extremely thorough in detailing your case. He gave me the full picture including realistic expectations along with realistic timelines. He appears to have a genuine concern and consideration of my case, very unlike other firms I have spoken or consulted with. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an honest and sharp attorney.

Anonymous ClientLawyers.com - June 5, 2015

I searched online for a lawyer to help with my security clearance and debt issues and found the Perry Draper Law firm. Jason Perry, Esq. didn’t hesitate to call me back and answer all of my questions. I was comfortable with letting him taking my case. His professionalism and diligence in resolving my case was superior. I would recommend this firm for anyone seeking a reputable law firm to handle their security clearance and debt issues.

T.W.BBB - June 1, 2015

I hired Mr. Jason to defend my case again the DoD for Security Clearances. He did great job. His questioning strategy during the trial was and outstanding, he left the Defense Department lawyer with nothing to ask and he took all the cards from her hand. The DoD granted me the clearance. Mr. Jason is honest financially, professional and he was devoted for my case…… I had very positive experience working with him.

Omar H.BBB - May 28, 2015

He is very honest and professional, he helped me in my TS clearance case, and if it was not for him, I will not be able to keep my job. He was always available to respond to my questions and I recommended three of my friends to work with him.

A.O.Avvo - March 25, 2013

Attorney Draper consistently tried to reach me after receiving my request for a phone consultation (even after several days of phone tag) and gave me up front, factual information to help me with my current legal bind/situation. Really friendly, genuinely care about you and not just the money!

Anonymous ClientLawyers.com - June 4, 2012

Jason is a wonderful Attorney. He is very helpful and Knowledgeable. He was always on top of what ever i needed from him. I would recommend him to anyone. If I ever have anymore legal issues Iwill be hiring him.

ChristenAvvo - June 1, 2012