Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I sue my employer for not paying me?

You may have a claim against your employer for unpaid wages or unpaid overtime. If you believe you have not received fair payment for your work or that you have not received overtime for excess hours, you should contact a Florida employment lawyer. A qualified attorney experienced in wage and hour law should be able to assist you in this situation.

Can I sue my employer for firing me because of my race or gender?

If you were singled out for the firing because of your race, gender or any of the other protected classes of employees, you may be able to sue your employer. You may also have a claim if you were terminated in retaliation for whistleblowing or filing a workers compensation claim. If your employer has a history of discriminatory conduct, you may have a stronger claim. Contact a practiced Florida employment discrimination attorney to determine whether you have a case and if they can assist in this situation.

Does Florida honor noncompete agreements? To what extent?

Florida does honor noncompete agreements; however, they must be reasonable in time and scope. In general, Florida courts presume that a time restriction of six months or less is reasonable and more than two years is unreasonable. Similarly, the distance covered by the noncompete agreement must not be overly broad, although exceptions exist. In addition, certain professions are exempt from noncompete agreements for public policy reasons. If you have questions about a noncompete agreement your employer offers you or one that you previously signed, contact an experienced Florida employment attorney for additional advice.

How can I stop the foreclosure process?

The first step is paying your mortgage on time. However, if that’s no longer an option, there are several options available as long as you act quickly. Knowing your options puts you in a much stronger position to deal effectively with the foreclosure process. Armed with the right information, you may be able to save your home from foreclosure and, in some instances, avoid the foreclosure process altogether. You should consult with a lawyer knowledgeable in Florida foreclosure laws to discuss your options, which vary depending on many factors.

Where do I file bankruptcy in St. Petersburg and Clearwater?

Clearwater and St. Petersburg are located in the jurisdiction of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Bear in mind, however, that bankruptcy is frequently mentioned, but many people are confused about the process, the qualifications, and the long-term implications of filing. While you can file bankruptcy without the assistance of an attorney, it can be dangerous and you could unknowingly waive your rights to property. Before filing, it is important to consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can review your individual situation, protect your rights and help you make the best decisions for your unique situation.

Where can I report my employer for wrongdoing? Does the law protect me?

Reporting employer fraud or wrongdoing depends heavily on fact-specific elements, such as whether the employer is a private company or a public company, the kind of fraud or wrongdoing, and the protected activity that the whistleblower and reporter engages in. This process can seem overwhelming, and a knowledgeable Florida whistleblower attorney can help you figure out the facts and inform you how to report a violation. If you do report a violation, our lawyers help keep you protected from retaliation, termination, or demotion by your employer, whom the law holds responsible for back wages and other damages if they act against you. A confidential consultation with a Perry Draper Law, PLLC whistleblower attorney can answer these and other questions.